Introducing the MSAB Kiosk MK2

There are now more mobile devices than people in the world.

When it comes to criminal investigations, they have become one of the most important pieces of evidence for investigators to help prove communications, associations and locations.

As criminals find new and innovative ways to use technology to commit crime, law enforcement needs to be just as forward-looking in their efforts to combat it. Policing in the digital age requires an effort to bring digital forensic investigations into the mainstream. The Kiosk from MSAB is our route to mainstream digital forensics and help all levels gather evidence to prevent and detect crime.

In the modern world, most crimes have some form of digital information. An officer may need to access a chat message to find evidence of an assault or review footage of a crime that has been captured on a camera phone by a member of the public. This need for digital evidence gathering exists at all levels of policing today. For many agencies it is no longer viable to just have a few specialist digital forensic officers conducting investigations. The skills and technology must become mainstream and spread across the entire service. Such is the growing demand that every officer will need the ability to capture digital forensic evidence.

The digital world cannot be ignored and the challenge facing policing in the future is great. A failure to protect people online, would be a failure to provide the service expected by the public. The Kiosk enables you to meet the challenges of the modern world and keep the public safe. If you want your agency to be an effective presence in the digital world, then a primary tool in the armoury will be to put the MSAB Kiosk into the hands of all your officers as quickly as possible.MSAB Kiosk MK2

  • Digital mobile device extraction at the frontline
  • Fast, reliable and instant results to speed up digital evidence gathering
  • Comprehensive, controlled and evidentially sound reports
  • Easy to use touch screen interface with immediately viewable results
  • Workflow guidance that can be tailored to your force policies and procedures

The Kiosk from MSAB offers the ability to quickly and easily recover data, for users who require fast extractions in a controlled environment. Supervisors can oversee and control access for all users. It is a forensic tool designed for frontline personnel where mobile data recovery is just one part of their responsibilities. A turnkey solution for mobile forensics providing full control, the MSAB Kiosk can empower your organization to examine mobile devices faster and reduce your digital evidence backlogs.

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