XRY Photon: Accessing data that can’t be accessed

A digital forensic expert’s life can be frustrating. You have a suspect’s phone in your hands, your instincts tell you that there must be something there, but you just cannot get it from the device. It may be because the security is too advanced.  It may be because of laws and regulations which do not allow you to gain access (by changing passwords, downgrade the apps, etc.). Or it may simply be because despite the fact that you have the skills to reconstruct the information and trust the bits and bytes you found on the phone, the trial judge doesn’t have similar skills or trust and is trapped by the opposing counsel.

So, what do you do instead? Grab pen and paper, make notes and take pictures of the app content to substantiate your evidence? No! Use XRY Photon. Unless of course you can write down 250k messages in less than 3 hours1 and have nothing more important to do.

Instead, let us help. We can swiftly provide the data for you and make it searchable.

1 Test with a Nokia 9 (TA-1087), 250,000 WhatsApp messages, Photon Fast Mode, total duration: 2 hours, 39 minutes

XRY Photon for Android does not tamper with your device. It sees what you see and does what you do with the phone. Moreover, since it is part of the XRY family the results are stored in a forensically safe manner in the XRY file format like any other extraction, and you can use XAMN to help you find evidence and generate reports.

We distinguish between two different operating modes:

  • Photon Manual, which supports every app that allows us to take screenshots and makes standard Android gestures like reading a chat by swiping over all messages.
    You have to prepare the app by yourself and activate Photon once the content of the app is ready to be processed.
  • Native app support, where Photon crawls everything automatically. This is highly app-specific. So far, we support only the apps which are most important for our customers:
    • WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business
    • Our upcoming release, XRY 8.2, will support additional apps

We will continuously add native app support and upgrade functionality in order to meet the increasing expectations of our users.

If you have additional questions about XRY Photon, contact us at support@msab.com