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Streamline the reporting process with XAMN

In previous blog posts, we have gone through how to optimize the burden of proof with the help of XAMN by coordinating time, place, person, images and conversations. We have also discussed how you tag and describe your findings. In this final step we look at the importance of being able to package all the evidence and objects so that they both hold up in court and can support other investigations.

With XAMN, the best digital forensic analysis solution, agencies will have a complete “crime to court room” solution allowing them to present the investigations’ findings with confidence.


Generate custom reports based on your needs

When a report is to be created it is not only crucial that you handle the process in a completely legal fashion. You must also succeed in presenting the evidence in a way that is easy to understand.

Getting everything in the right place, having everything in the right order and being clear requires a great amount of time and experience.

Eliminate errors with XAMN Report Builder

Investigation reports are vital to success. Undocumented evidence can be lost, and court cases often hinge on technical findings.

The “Report Builder” function in XAMN allows you to, with simple drag and drop technology, build standardized templates for use within your department to create professional, error free and customized court presentation reports.

You can also use the tailor-made templates which allow you to add relevant data or content in line with industry standards and international best practices.

Simply add your forensics work – including chain of custody, persons involved, evidence and instrumentation descriptions, analysis statements and conclusions – to the program to get a complete, well-formed digital forensics report that is efficiently generated by the Report Builder.

By simplifying and streamlining the process of digital forensic report building you can capture all the insights from your extraction and minimize the possibility of losing data, by sharing information in a single and comprehensive report.

3 tips to effectively work with reports in XAMN

  • Use tags to label artifacts you want to include in a report. Learn more about this in the previous blog post in this series. (Link to the tag blog)
  • If you are including a vast number of artifacts in your report and don’t require granular control over the report layout, use the Report option available on the main menu. This option supports the widest range of file formats and is also what you should use if you intend to import data to XAMN from a third-party tool.
  • If you require a high level of control over the structure and layout of your report, use the Report Builder. This allows you to select a layout for each block of information that you add to your report.

Easily add new evidence directly in Report Builder

The Report Builder function in XAMN gives you control over everything, allowing you to build customized reports based on your needs.

XAMN allows you to create reports in two ways; using a report generator and using the easy-to-use Report Builder. In addition, quick reports can be created from key views, such as a quick PDF export directly from the conversation view.

While in report mode, you can still add evidence and objects that come from elsewhere. Just as you may have sent further evidence to an investigation, you yourself can receive new evidence. Whether evidence comes from another analysis program or a new extraction, the evidence and objects can be adapted right into Report Builder.

If you want to secure your reports, use the PDF format and enable password protection. This will encrypt your report allowing only a person having the password to access it.


Analysis courses – Your way to find critical evidence and intel fast

Whether you are a new or experienced mobile forensics practitioner or a new manager in the field, training is absolutely essential. And MSAB believes that ongoing mobile forensic training will accelerate your career and keep your skills sharp and up-to-date.

To become a certified user takes only two working days of training, which can be done at your own pace and on-demand.

Find out more about the Mobile Forensics Training and Courses from MSAB


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