Keep your professional credentials current without having to travel or take time off for classroom training

XRY Recertification Training is now available as an online course, enabling XRY users to keep their certifications current at a lower cost and with more convenience than ever before.  In many regions, certification is required for mobile forensic examiners to testify in court about digital evidence.

Designed for current XRY certified customers

The XRY Recertification course is designed for those who have previously earned XRY Certification and want to renew their certification within the 3-year validity period. The course is designed to refresh your knowledge about extracting and analyzing data from mobile devices, both in practice and theory, with a view to recertifying your qualification upon successfully passing the end-of-course assessment.

Based on the rapid pace of change in mobile forensics — including mobile device operating systems, apps, security protocols, MSAB product features and other factors – keeping your XRY certification active is highly recommended.   In the United Kingdom, certification may be required in order to maintain ISO 17025 compliance.

Refresh your knowledge and keep up-to-speed with the latest developments incorporated into XRY.

What you can expect

The course involves interactive website content, quizzes, training videos and demonstrations, all aimed to give students the best learning experience so they can progress at their own pace. All of the tools and software required are built into the course, so there is no need to download any additional files.  Students can take the course at any time after they register.

The course content is divided into seven modules.  At the end of each section, students are asked a range of questions to test their knowledge.  The certification assessment examination is given at the end of the course.  A passing grade is required in order to earn recertification.

Students can break the training up into multiple sessions if they wish.  Completion time is estimated at approximately four hours.

Interactive online training gives you the freedom to progress at your own pace.

Learn more or register

The XRY Recertification Certificate can only be awarded to customers who have current, valid XRY certifications. If their certification has lapsed, then students must take the two-day XRY Certification Course again and pass the assessment to regain certification.

To learn more, visit, email or contact your sales representative.

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This course adds to MSAB’s existing online course offerings, which include XAMN Spotlight Training. More online courses are in development and will be announced soon.