MSAB sales engineer awarded for his digital forensic work

On the left, Certificate of commendation from the Norwich Crown Court in the United Kingdom.
On the right, Adam while receiving another certificate from the Chief Constable to thank him for his service.

MSAB is very proud to announce that Adam Firman, one of our Technical Sales Engineers, has received recognition from the Norwich Crown Court in the United Kingdom, for his outstanding work on the 2018 TalkTalk hack attack.

The award is a clear recognition that the Norfolk Police have a team of highly skilled officers who took complex and sophisticated measures to retrieve the deleted conversations between the computer hackers where they discussed their criminal activities.

“I am extremely proud of this achievement, a team effort which I was proud to be part of and absolutely honored to receive this commendation” said Adam.

Adam Firman is a former Police Officer and served for 14 years. He has experience in conducting highly technical examinations, analysis and reporting of computer and mobile digital based evidence related to criminal, civil and security related incidents and investigations.