We live our lives on our mobile devices. Personal communications, loved one’s photographs, personal health data and even our banking access details. Our phones have become more than just devices, they are now an integrated part of our daily lives.

Being able to access and use digital evidence from mobile phones has been an important issue for law enforcement ever since mobile phones came into widespread use. But nobody wants to voluntarily hand over their mobile phone and see an officer put it in a sealed evidence bag, knowing it will disappear for the next three months whilst forensic specialists attempt to recover the data. It’s a massive inconvenience and it puts people off coming forward and helping with enquiries.

When Law enforcement officers face a dangerous situation, they immediately think of how quickly they need to get data, especially when lives are on the line. This could be from witnesses or victims. In these situations, time is crucial and critical to the case. Lost time can lead to additional casualties or not apprehending a suspect.

Imagine, in that situation, if an officer could turn around and say, I just need 5 minutes of your time to extract the data here and now. You get to keep your phone – I will simply transfer the video footage from your device to mine and you see the entire process. Sign here on screen to authorize me to make the recovery and confirm this is your device.

In this scenario frontline officers have the possibility of rapid triage extraction in the field for immediate actionable intelligence.

Now there is a way to make that scenario a reality. Introducing Raven, the new, innovative, highly portable mobile device exploitation toolset.

Raven enables frontline officers to quickly run mobile data extractions of most Android devices using Bluetooth to recover calls, contacts, text messages, and other critical data. Officers can also selectively choose targeted data which will give the witness assurance of their privacy but also enable the officer to prioritize the collected data.

Rapid triage extraction in the field for immediate actionable intelligence

Raven is designed for operators in the field who need lightweight solutions to quickly extract data and turn it into actionable intelligence.

Raven is a collection of applications (apps) that run on Android OS devices including mobile phones, tablets, or computers. The Raven app suite consists of: Raven; MobEX; SIMEX; FlashEX; and DronEX. Also included is the new ODIN analysis app that lets you quickly view the extraction results, check watch lists, find the most recent location data, and more.


Raven is designed to be extremely easy to use in the field with minimal training needs.

  • It allows law enforcement agencies to start the forensics investigation immediately on scene and capture actionable insights as soon as possible.
  • It works on any modern Android smartphone and can be deployed on any such devices issued to your patrol officers. There’s no need for extra equipment to be carried.
  • It allows officers to triage data on the street to make informed decisions without ever needing to seize and recover devices back to the nearest police station or forensic lab.

As well as being easy to deploy, Raven brings significant cost and efficiency benefits in both capital equipment and training outlays.