Now available: New versions of XRY, Kiosk/Tablet, XAMN and XEC

Featuring powerful new capabilities that will help investigators find critical evidence and build stronger cases, as well as providing support for almost 25,000 device profiles.

In XRY 7.8

–  Gain access to over 40 Qualcomm chip-powered mobile phone models with an innovative new custom cable – shipped free to XRY customers.

– Recover multimedia data from 3,200+ Android devices with new file system extraction method.

– Now able to decode HEIC format images in the newest iPhone models.

– Get access to almost 25,000 mobile forensic profiles now supported by XRY 7.8.

– Support for iOS12 Beta included in this release.

In XAMN Spotlight 3.3

– Speed up your search – New duplicate handling option in XAMN reduces the amount of data to review by hiding duplicates of artifacts.

– GUI & UX improvements – This includes content tagging shortcut, option to get a summary of active filters in PDF reports, and more.

– New Tab option for larger display of SQLite, PList, XML, Text and Video files in XAMN.

In XAMN Elements 3.3

– Many GUI and UX improvements, including the ability to adjust the color of background and fonts in the hex window.

In Kiosk/Tablet/Express 7.8 & XEC Director 3.2

Save time and improve efficiency – With new capability to send notifications to Kiosks or specific users on devices connected to XEC Director.

All these new and improved capabilities add up to the most powerful set of mobile forensic tools available. 

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