Recover data from iPhone

MSAB provides the world’s leading iPhone forensic software tools


If you work in law enforcement, the military, corrections, border security or a related field – getting access to the contents of iPhone devices can be critical to your investigations and operations.

Having the right mobile forensic tools in the right places can make a huge difference for your agency. They can allow you to speed up investigations, eliminate device backlogs and increase efficiency. Our products enable you to extract, decode and analyze data from iPhone devices, including files, text messages, apps, images, videos, calls, geographic data and more.

Extract iPhone devices with XRY

XRY is a powerful software tool that runs on the Windows operating system. Using the cables we provide, XRY enables you to access and extract data from a wide range of mobile phones and other mobile devices.

XRY lets you extract more high-quality data, in less time, with full integrity. The XRY forensic file format has built-in protection and encryption, with a secure forensic file container designed to ensure a secure chain of custody of digital data. This will help avoid the risks associated with data stored in open file formats.

XRY is available on different hardware platforms, to suit your unique needs.

Access Services

XRY supports the extraction of data from tens of thousands of mobile device profiles and app versions, but there are always some devices that can’t be extracted with standard cables and methods. Access Services is a new option that can provide access to the most challenging mobile phones in critical cases.

The all-in-one mobile forensic system, designed for digital forensic labs

Ideally suited for mobile units in demanding conditions who need rugged technology

A turnkey solution for easier extractions in a controlled environment

A frontline mobile solution designed to quickly and easily recover data on scene

Analyze and report on the contents of iPhone devices with XAMN

With every XRY license, you also receive an XAMN software license, enabling fast and effective searching, filtering and analysis of mobile data. Whether your mission is to gather and report intelligence, prevent crime or quickly produce solid evidence – XAMN enables the fastest possible route from having raw data to finding and reporting vital insights.

iPhone forensic training and tutorials

MSAB offers a full range of mobile forensic training courses across the globe. Our XRY Certification and XRY Intermediate courses will give you the knowledge and skills to extract and analyze mobile devices, including Android phones.

When you become an MSAB customer – you get access to free tutorial videos and a customer forum where you can ask questions and share knowledge with your peers. MSAB also includes free support with all products.

Learn how our products have been put to use through our case studies.