Joel Bollö

Born in: 1968
Education: Engineer
Current employment: President and CEO of MSAB.
Previous assignments: CEO of DLX AB (own company), Key Account Manager at Netwise AB.
CEO since: 2002
Shareholding: 104,422 B shares

Örjan Gatu

Born in: 1971.
Education: Technical upper secondary school.
Current employment: Deputy CEO, MSAB. Has worked with development at MSAB since 1994.
Shareholding: 102,908 B shares


Glenn Hickok

Current employment with MSAB: President North America
Employed since: 2014
Previous assignments: Several management positions at Cross Match Technologies and several years in the US armed forces.

Mikael Falkovén

Current employment with MSAB: Sales Manager EMEA & Asia
Employed since: 2017
Previous assignments: Several management positions at SAAB and several years in the Swedish armed forces

Steele Hays

Current employment with MSAB: CMO
Employed since: 2017
Previous assignments: Senior-level Marketing positions in a number of technology companies, eg Wynyard and DellSecureWorks

Bradley Sipes

Current employment with MSAB: CPO
Employed since: 2016
Previous assignments: Management positions at Ericsson and Verizon and independent consulting

Mike Dickinson

Current employment with MSAB: Deputy Officer
Employed since: 2009
Previous assignments: Management positions at Mouchel and Reliance. Former Police and and Naval officer.

Joakim Grundwall

Current employment with MSAB: CTO
Employed since: 2017
Previous assignments: Management positions within development at Dice and Klarna

Susanne Jegendal

Current employment with MSAB: HR
Employed since: 2009
Previous assignments: Finance positions at ÅF (Ångpanneföreningen) and Combra AB

Per-Olof Stark

Current employment with MSAB: COO
Employed since: 2018
Previous assignments: Management positions at Cisco Systems, PacketFront, Fujitsu and Oracle

Henrik Bergentoft

Current employment with MSAB: CFO
Employed since: 2016
Previous assignments: Several leading finance positions in public companies.