Board of directors

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The Board has the overall task of optimally managing the company’s affairs on behalf of the shareholders. The Board shall continuously assess the financial situation of the company and adopt the budget and annual financial statements. Furthermore, the Board is responsible for developing and monitoring the company’s strategies through plans and objectives, major investments, appointments of and remuneration to the CEO and senior executives, as well as ongoing monitoring of operations during the year.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that the company has sound internal control.
Each year the Board adopts authorisation instructions, instructions for financial reporting and rules of procedure for the Board of Directors which, together with instructions to the CEO, regulate matters such as the division of duties between the Board and the chief executive officer.

The Chair of the Board leads the Board’s work and ensures that it is conducted in compliance with the Swedish Companies Act, relevant regulations and good practices.
The Chair is also responsible for maintaining contact with corporate management, as well as for ensuring that the Board’s decisions are appropriately implemented.

At each Board meeting, the Board reviews current business conditions, the company’s financial position and performance, prospects for the remainder of the year and selected topics such as product development, marketing and sales, budget and long-term business planning.

Henrik Tjernberg

Henrik Tjernberg

Independent in relation to the company and its management.
Not independent in relation to major shareholders.

Born in: 1960
Education: Studies at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden (KTH).
Current employment: Investor Relations Advisor, Chairman since 2002.
Board member: 1986
Shareholding: 865,000 Class A shares, 55,522 Class B shares.
Other appointments: Directorships in Tjernkraft AB, CrowdSoft Technology AB

Robert Ahldin

Robert Ahldin

Independent in relation to the company and its management.
Not independent in relation to major shareholders.

Born in: 1971
Education: Business, Eckerd College, FL, USA
Current employment: Active as a venture capitalist through Edastra with a focus on mobile services and the Internet.
Previous assignment: Ahldin started and ran the venture capital firms Arctic Ventures 1 Ehf and Rite Internet Ventures AB, as well as the brokerage firm Remium AB.
Ahldin was formerly Chairman at companies such as Projectplace International AB, and NORM Nordic Market Research, as well as a director on the Boards of Kontakt East Holding AB and Remium AB.
Ahldin began his career in 1995 as an equity analyst at Matteus Fondkommission AB.
Board member since: 2013
Shareholding: 135,000 Class A shares, 1,496,900 Class B shares
Other appointments: Directorships in Edastra AB and Matsmart in Scandinavia AB and Partner at GP Bullhound.

Carl Bildt

Independent in relation to the company and its management, as well as major shareholders.

Born in: 1949
Education: Stockholm University.
Current employment: Chair Global Commission Internet Governance. Co-Chair European Council on Foreign Relations. Senior Advisor Wallenberg Foundation.
Previously: Swedish Head of State and Foreign Minister. Member of Parliament
Board member since: 2016
Shareholding: 0
Other appointments: Directorships in Magnora AB, Fastator AB, RAND Corporation.

Jan-Olof Backman

Jan-OlofBackman_web_smallIndependent in relation to the company and its management, as well as major shareholders.

Born in: 1961
Education: MSc in Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden (KTH) and the University of Washington.
Current employment: Business and Chief Development Officer, Coor Service Management.
Previous assignments: Management consultant at McKinsey & Co and CEO of a real estate company.
Board member since: 2002
Shareholding: 400,000 Class B shares privately and through company.
Other appointments: Directorships in Vasakronan AB, Logent Holding AB, 24Storage AB.

Örjan Gatu


Independent in relation to major owners.
Not independent in relation to the company and its management.

Born in: 1971
Education: Technical upper secondary school.
Current employment: Deputy CEO, MSAB. Has worked with development at MSAB since 1994.
Board member since: 1999
Shareholding: 539,908 Class B shares

Katarina G Bonde

KatarinaGBonde_web_smallIndependent in relation to the company and its management, as well as major shareholders.

Born in: 1958
Education: MSc in Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden (KTH), as well as business studies at Stockholm University.
Current employment: CEO, Kubi LLC
Previously: CEO at UniSite Software Inc, CEO Captura International, VP Sales and Marketing Timeline Software Inc, director of marketing Dun & Bradstreet Software Inc, CEO Programator Industri AB.
Board member since: 2011
Shareholding: 0
Other appointments: Directorships in Propellerhead Software AB, Fingerprint Cards, Image Systems AB, Mycronic AB, Avega Group AB, Nordax Bank AB and Birger Jarl Fondkommission AB