Digital forensics and IT security continue to be occupational fields with far more men than women represented. However, that is changing — and there are an increasing number of initiatives under way to make young women more aware of the opportunities in these fields.

One of those is the Cyber Sleuth Science Lab project in the U.S., which has received a National Science Foundation grant to provide training and awareness-generating activities about digital forensics.

MSAB is proud to be supporting the work of the Cyber Sleuth Science Lab.  We recently donated an XRY Office kit and a number of software licenses for use by the Lab’s students and program participants.

“We really appreciate MSAB’s support for the Cyber Sleuth program,” said Cyber Sleuth founder Daryl Pfeif, who is also president of Digital Forensic Solutions in New Orleans, LA.

“We just completed a one-week workshop in Baltimore and the students were very excited by having a chance to learn about digital forensics and do digital forensics by solving a realistic case,” Pfeif said.   “Now we are in planning for our pilot programs in New Orleans and Washington State and developing more hands-on curriculum. There is a lot of momentum.”