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Blog mediatek chipset

13 octubre, 2023

MediaTek: A Short Story  

Finding that you have a MediaTek device which has its Boot ROM…

Blog forensic fix Derek Frawley

28 junio, 2023

Navigating a Shifting DFIR Landscape: Challenges, Rewards and Collaborative Learning in Mobile Forensics 

In Forensic Fix episode 6, Adam Firman is joined by Derek Frawley,…

Blog forensic fix

31 mayo, 2023

Safer Digital Spaces: The Vital Role of Technology in Combating CSAM and Preventing Online Harms 

In this episode, Adam Firman is joined by Tom Farrell QPM and…


26 mayo, 2023

XRY Photon – Reading Encrypted Chats at (Almost) the Speed of Light 

The widespread use of chat apps has transformed the way we interact…

Blog data extraction xry pro

9 mayo, 2023

XRY Pro: How the Advanced Extraction Solution from MSAB Takes on the Toughest Tasks and the Most Challenging Devices

  The rapid advancement of technology has resulted in an increased demand…

Blog forensic fix austin berrier

4 mayo, 2023

A New Hope: How Technology, Funding and Cooperation Can Help in the CSAM Fight 

Child protection is one of the most important issues of our time,…

Blog msab xry hash matching

25 abril, 2023

Rapid Hash Matching: How XRY Boosts the Reflexes of Law Enforcement in the Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse   

Technology has fast become a double-edged sword: the same advancements that allow…

Blog forensic fix podcast Scott Ballantyne

19 abril, 2023

Fighting the Threat of Child Exploitation: The Role of Law Enforcement, Technology and Collaboration with Scott Ballantyne 

It’s unthinkable, but some of the most vulnerable members of our society,…


12 abril, 2023

Unique exploits and decoding: A closer look at XRY’s unmatched capability to get into MediaTek devices 

The cat-and-mouse game is always on. MSAB’s development team never rests in…

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