Download new release

Today’s XRY 9.4.3 release arrives with a number of enhancements ensuring your ability to access an increased amount of data from more mobile devices and applications.

The new release comes with added support for physical extraction from Samsung A10e, A20, A50, and M30s Exynos devices with brute forcing of passwords.

To support investigators in overcoming different security mechanisms, XRY 9.4.3 also comes with enhancements for Emergency Download Mode (EDL) for new devices.

To get a complete description of the new devices and the latest improvements in XRY, we highly recommend that you download the Release Notes from the Customer Portal.

The new release also comes with improvements to XRY Photon for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, enhanced email decoding, refined message handling in Android 11, plus comprehensive improvements in decoding from iOS devices.