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Today’s XRY 9.3.2 release arrives with across the board improvements and support to enable investigators access an increased amount of data along with our rapid extraction times.

The new version comes with improved capability for physical extraction of locked Samsung Exynos devices and new options to process file-based encryption (FBE). It also includes improvements to XRY Photon for the Signal app.

The XRY integrated jailbreak tool, based on the checkm8 exploit, now supports iOS 12 – 14.4.

To support investigators in overcoming the different mechanisms of data protection, XRY 9.3.2 also comes with enhancements for Emergency Download Mode (EDL) capability to extract physical data from Huawei, Vodafone, Oppo and KaiOS devices.

To get a complete description of the latest improvements in XRY we highly recommend, as always, that you download the Release Notes from the Customer Portal.