Today, MSAB released new versions of our product suites – XRY, XAMN and XEC – with many significant new and improved capabilities to help investigators, examiners and other users work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

Among the highlights are faster Android extractions and significantly improved Android and iOS app support in XRY, plus a time-saving intelligent free text search function, many user experience improvements and a new export wizard in XAMN. The new version of XEC Director gives supervisors the ability to collect more granular information on user levels for improved management and efficiency.

XRY 7.12 adds support for 342 mobile devices and apps, bringing the total number of supported devices and app profiles to 27,118.

This summarizes additional highlights in each product. Customers with current licenses are encouraged to download the newest product releases today. For the Product Release Notes with full details on every new and updated feature, visit the MSAB Customer Portal.

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XRY 7.12

The app downgrade feature now supports the latest Android OS versions: Users can now acquire app data even from devices with the latest Android versions. This enables access to data that has been inaccessible through standard extractions from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Snapchat, Telegram, QQ and many other apps. You can choose to downgrade apps with just a few clicks during the XRY extraction.

Faster, smarter, easier extractions: We have improved the speed of Android extractions by optimizing the extraction protocol. Another time saving change: XRY now automatically accepts Android backup requests during the extraction workflow. Until now, those backup requests required an examiner to manually take action before the extraction could continue. Lastly, XRY 7.12 now offers the option to “soft abort” and, skip individual steps in an ongoing extraction process instead of aborting the entire extraction and having to restart.

Improved iOS app support: XRY now supports the latest versions of multiple iOS apps, and we have expanded the breadth of log and workout data acquired from the Apple Health app to include step count and distance as well as heartbeats.

Improvements to XRY Photon: We have now improved the workflow to let you access Photon directly from the XRY start view. Photon now also supports WhatsApp Business.

The intelligent free text search now saves and shows users the last five used search terms.

The new export wizard makes reporting more intuitive.

Intelligent free text search: With this improvement, when XAMN users start typing a word or phrase that they are searching for, XAMN instantly presents matching text found in the case. In addition, the text search now saves and shows users the last five used search terms.

Export wizard: A new, user-friendly export wizard now guides users through the steps of selecting which findings to report, and which file format and layout to use – making reporting more intuitive.

Mejoras en la experiencia de usuario: XAMN 4.2 presenta numerosas mejoras en la experiencia de usuario, incluyendo nombres de pestañas dinámicos que reflejan las categorías de artefacto seleccionadas y esquemas de color para la interfaz de usuario personalizables. Traducciones de grandes volúmenes a mayor velocidad: XAMN ahora permite a los usuarios traducir contenido en bloque, por ejemplo una conversación por chat al completo, incluso offline, por medio de una base de datos de idiomas descargable (requiere una licencia adicional). Hasta el momento solo era posible traducir los mensajes de chats o de texto de uno en uno. También hemos incluido compatibilidad para importar y convertir archivos .ufdr en archivos .xry para su análisis en XAMN Horizon.

XEC 5.0

Advanced user profiles: Supervisors managing multiple mobile forensic users and computers with XEC Director can now collect user activity data and adjust workflows to better match user needs and skills. For example, they can remove some workflow steps and instructions when users reach a more experienced level.

Standard management information reports for system group/site are also now available, along with the ability to easily import user lists from .xls and .csv files.

MSAB Kiosk

XAMN Express now replaces XRY Viewer as the standard analytical viewing software used on new MSAB Kiosks. MSAB Kiosks currently in the field can be upgraded by contacting

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