MSAB Releases Latest Evolution of Internationally Recognized XRY Digital Forensics Technology

Version 6.10 Will Enable Access to 12,415 support profiles including the latest versions of a wide array of apps

MSAB, the mobile leader in forensic technology for mobile examination and pioneer of XRY announced the release of the latest version of its internationally recognized XRY platform. XRY allows users to perform forensically sound digital extractions of data from mobile devices.

Version 6.10 offers a number of new features and capabilities including expanded access to smartphone apps and broader interoperability. To read more about the smartphone app support that version 6.10 you can access go to: MSAB Smartphone App Versions Blog

“The latest version of our groundbreaking XRY technology will enable access to 12,415 device profiles, offering unparalleled capability to users, allowing them to keep pace with latest versions of applications and new technologies in the personal device marketplace,” said Joel Bollö, CEO of MSAB. “This latest version was driven by the evolving needs of law enforcement and direct feedback from the field, we feel the latest XRY platform provides our customers with a unique and powerful tool, that will be a real game changer.”

MSAB’s XRY platform is playing a key role in  law enforcement’s efforts to address a wide array of criminal threats including narcotics trafficking, gang violence and exploitation of children. The XRY tool helps law enforcement collect evidence from today’s most advanced smartphones and mobile devices, including cell phones, tablets, portable GPS units, SIM cards, and memory cards. The evidence collected by XRY includes contacts, phone numbers, call logs, text messages, social network app data, location data, pictures, videos, and voice messages including files that have been deleted.  It is heavily used by federal task forces addressing crimes against children and drug enforcement, Computer Crime Labs / Digital Forensics Labs, Regional Computer Forensic Labs (RCFL’s), and Fusion Centers.  It is also widely used by a government, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and military.

“While many tools claim to cover applications such as Facebook, they are not created equally,” added Bollö.  “Unless they support the latest versions of those applications they will likely offer limited utility to users.”

XRY has also been successfully proven in courts of in over 60 countries around the world and was recently used to extract WhatsApp messaging data used in Oscar Pistorius case.  It was also used to collect data used against City Councilman in Central Valley California, USA who was sentenced in case involving sex crimes against minors.