Imagine the situation, sadly increasingly common, where there is a major criminal or terrorist incident in a heavily populated area. We all now know that most people carry a mobile device on them at all times and the news is full of footage of incidents captured by passing members of the public on their phones.

That same image or video footage often sought by news agencies is also exactly the type of data that can help law enforcement and intelligence agencies gathering vital data in the first few critical hours after an incident.

Imagine an explosion wherein several witnesses have caught some of the aftermath on camera on their smartphones. Whilst capturing that footage for evidence collection is vital, there is also a simultaneous need to pass on such footage to incident commanders to help them piece together what’s happening on the ground. Were suspects caught on camera? Where and when did the incident start?

This is where Raven comes into its own. Instead of dispatching digital forensic specialists to the scene in the hope of collating digital evidence after the event, imagine if every patrol officer on duty and at the scene was also equipped with powerful technology that meant there was no delay in evidence gathering?

What is Raven?

Raven is a new option for digital data recovery from mobile to mobile devices.

Based on the Android platform, Raven is a series of unique apps designed to recover and analyze mobile data from Android & iOS smartphones in the field.

It’s simple to use and designed for touch screen interfaces by a user with minimal training, so you can extend your digital data collection capability to every last member of your organization.

Raven is positioned to become the tool of choice for first responders by allowing you to extend your digital forensic reach to street level.

Why Raven?

Raven is a trustworthy solution already proven in action and used in some of the toughest field situations that can exist for data recovery.

The manufacturer, MSAB, is a pioneer in digital forensics and has a 20-year pedigree in the sector, so you can be reassured you are dealing with a trusted long-term partner.

The Raven Package is cost efficient and effective. You can manage the solution online for your organization and even have your own dedicated app store under the control of your IT Dept for rollout of app updates to suit your needs.

It is easy to deploy and train for and will empower you with a front-line tool for collection of digital evidence anywhere, anytime by any employee.

Raven brings quicker access to data for incident handling and targeted investigations. It will ease the burden of forensic collection across many hands, to ensure that you leave no evidence behind.

More information about Raven can be provided to qualified organizations.

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