XAMN Horizon Certification

Course description

The XAMN Horizon course is designed to help investigators and analysist visualize data acquired from mobile device forensic extractions in an easy-to-use interface. Students learn how to display that data in three views unique to Horizon: Geographic View, Timeline View, and Connection View.

Students go beyond what is offered in the XAMN Spotlight course by learning how to navigate the Geographical View’s map, operate features in the Timeline View, and create powerful link analysis chains with Persons in the Connections View. Students also learn how to import data from other sources such as call detail records, warrant returns, or reports from other mobile device forensic tools.

Course Objectives

Day one

  • Creating and Building Persons
  • Geographic View
  • Timeline View
  • Connections View
  • Call Data Records
  • Warrant Returns
  • Conversation View
  • Reporting in Horizon


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