A complete forensic solution for investigators

The mobile phone is the modern-day digital fingerprint and mobile forensics plays a decisive role in numerous investigations and intelligence operations. The MSAB Ecosystem is a complete mobile forensics solution purpose built and designed to recover evidence, intelligence and information from mobile devices in a forensically secure manner.

We have been supplying law enforcement agencies since 2003 and we have consistently improved our products year after year in direct response to requests for improvements. The current version of XRY is tailor made for law enforcement purposes. As an example of its popularity, it’s used by over 98% of all the police forces in the United Kingdom. In use with law enforcement agencies in over 100 countries across the globe, XRY has been successfully used in multiple court and criminal proceedings on every continent.

If you are looking for a professional solution for producing secure reports for criminal investigations then look no further than the MSAB Ecosystem of tools; XRY, XAMN & XEC. These tools drive efficiency and cost savings when deployed by our customers, due to the significant increases in investigation efficiency. We offer full support for our products and can provide a solution with all the necessary hardware, software, services and support to allow you to access thousands of different mobile device profiles.

“Having used XRY daily for the past 3 years it is simply the most efficient and reliable mobile phone forensic software available. XRY regularly updates its software, which, in the fast moving world of mobile phone and Sat Nav technology is essential. XRY is all that is needed to recover live and deleted data and produce the results in a clear and concise report. I have tried other forensic recovery software but none come close to XRY!”
Forensic Examiner, Hampshire Constabulary, United Kingdom
“We have been using XRY for a few years now. It is easy to use and gets great results. It is great in the field and in the office environment.”
Electronic Forensic Unit, Customs Service, New Zealand
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