Brazil-iconBrazil – Apura

Apura is a company with large presence in Brazil, with high technical qualification and extensive experience in Cyber Security and Digital Media investigations. Apura has own developed products, specialized services, and know-how to sell solutions and implement partner projects at the forefront of cybersecurity and defense. Especially related to mobile data forensics.

Bulgaria-iconBulgaria – Lomini Limited

Lomini offers complete solutions for the purposes of Law-enforcement, Border and Customs control, Civil protection and Corporate Security. The result of their work and close co-operation with partners are the successful implementation of products and services leading to increased efficiency and better security of governmental agencies and private companies.

Chile – MipoltecChile-icon

Based in Santiago de Chile, Mipoltec is a leading national provider of electronic security, intelligence, and forensic solutions to law enforcement and military.

Colombia – RobotecColombia-icon

Robotec is a leading distributor of specialized technologies in electronic security, intelligence, and digital forensics. Founded in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1989. Robotec today has operations in several Latin American countries and sells to the law enforcement and military customers.

Czech-Republic-iconCzech Republic – Risk Analysis Consultants

Risk Analysis Consultants is a Czech based professional provider of information security services and solutions. They have assisted organizations from government and commercial sectors to protect their information since 1995. The company is owned by the main consultants, independently from any other company or group.

Bulgaria-iconEstonia- Alarmtec AS

Alarmtec AS, founded in 1996, is the biggest distributor of security systems in Estonia, providing wholesales, technical support and project management. They are providing technical solutions for security, forensic, cash management, and document verification challenges.

Georgia-iconGeorgia – Mymobile+ LTD

Our company was founded in 2001 as the first cell phone e-market in Georgia. Since 2012 we have dedicated ourselves to the local forensic and data examination market. Currently, we supply 90% of government organizations and we are in Government Procurement Agency White list; 1 of only 40 companies approved for this list.

Greece-iconGreece – Grivas S.A.

Grivas S.A. is a Greek company based in Athens and has been established in the market for 26 years. Our company is an IT Integrator and specializes in providing Intelligence Forensics, Software and Hardware as well as Security and IT equipment to the Greek and Cypriot Law Enforcement Authorities, Governmental and Private sector Organizations.

Hong Kong – S-TECH LimitedHong-Kong-icon

S-TECH Limited is a Hong Kong-based company which provides digital forensics tools to law enforcement customers and private groups in Hong Kong as well as Macau. S-TECH is our regional partner for these territories. They deliver various modern foreign and domestic forensic equipment, software products, accessories and consumables to investigation units and security professionals.

Indonezia-iconIndonesia – PT. Unique

PT. UNIQUE is a company that has experience in building security system and solution planning and service in the field of Information and Communication Technology, ICT. Planning, implementation, management of ICT services and solution is the main focus in the providing the best for the client we, on various business sectors including government, industry retail, technology, and communications.

Italy-iconItalia – E-Trace

E-Trace is a highly specialized company in the field of computer security and forensics. E-Trace offers professional services in the national territory in the following areas: PA Local and Central Government Agencies and Military, Private Companies, Health Care Sector, Financial Sector, SMEs, Corporate Security and Investigations (Government, Military, Healthcare, Homeland Security, Finance and Private Corporations).

Japan-iconJapan – FRONTEO, Inc

FRONTEO provides a comprehensive range of computer forensic services using its forensic technology to many clients, mainly flagship companies in a variety of industries. FRONTEO also provides information concerning other vendors’ products related to forensic tools, including software programs for extracting or analyzing mobile phone data, data copying tools, data deletion tools, and data writing prevention tools.

Kazakhstan-iconKazakhstan – Kazinfoservis

Kazinfoservice LLP specializes in the implementation; development, production, and supply of specialist forensi equipment. The company offers professional repairs and technical support, using existing production facilities along with a service center for diagnosis, warranty, and repair of special telecommunication systems. The company has achieved ISO 9001-2009 quality management standards.


Latvia – DATI Group

DATI Group – is one of the leading information technology companies that offer high-quality solutions to complex technology and outsourcing services throughout Latvia, which ensures the quality processes and quality management, and highly skilled professionals.They are the sole authorized representative of XRY in Latvia.


Lithuania – Deftools Ltd.

The company was established in 2010 with focused activity in law enforcement and military fields. The company is included in the NATO approved suppliers list. Specializes in communications, information technology, and telecommunications equipment, electronic security tools (cryptographic equipment, receivers, jammers, sensors), specialized forensics software and hardware, intelligent search and monitoring systems.

Malaysia – Prisma KhasMalaysia-icon

Prisma Khas is a Malaysian based company located at Petaling Jaya, Selangor. They aim to bring world-class solutions and training for their clients in digital forensics. Prisma Khas are able to develop and customize software solution to meet your needs.

Moldova-iconMoldova – Fors Computer

Fors-Computer SRL is a System Integrator and specializes in providing and servicing complex IT solutions. They offer consulting services in the domain of IT, as well as supplying equipment and software. Among their clients there are large government agencies, banks, and financial organizations, as well as small and medium business companies.

Peru – Robinson 2000

Robinson 2000 is a leading Peruvian company specializing in delivering high-quality forensic solutions. Focusing on what customers require to perform forensic investigations at the highest international standards, through a portfolio of solutions from the globally leading providers in forensic science.

Poland-iconPoland – Mediarecovery

Mediarecovery is the largest Polish company providing services in digital forensics. The company has a specialized computer forensics lab and a team of forensic engineers to assist customers. They are the sole authorized representative of XRY in this region.

Portugal-iconPortugal – Advanced Resources

Advanced Resources are exclusively dedicated to the areas of Telecommunications and Security in Portugal. The Company offers the market continuity to all systems installed and projects in development, offering customers the security and comfort they need to support business and operations.


Romania – Accurate Business

Accurate Business is a medium-size company from Bucharest with over 10 years of experience. The company was born in response to the protection requirements of organizations – both from the public, and the private sector – against threats to cybersecurity. Accurate Business provides top solutions in the field of cybersecurity, forensic and data analytics.

Russian-Federation-iconRussia – Aim Technologies

Aim Technologies has been successfully working since the year 2000 and specializes in integrated equipping (including design documentation) of Criminalistic departments, law enforcement, security agencies, research centers and laboratories in Russia and the CIS, deliver different modern foreign and domestic forensic equipment, reagents and consumables, software products.

Russian-Federation-iconRussia – Lan-Project

Founded in 2000, today the LAN-PROJECT is one of the leading providers for digital forensics (Computer and mobile Forensics) in Russia Federation.
The clients are forensic experts within different law enforcement organizations, auditor and business firms in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Russian-Federation-iconRussia – MC Systems

MC Systems is a Russian company that has been operating since 2000. The company supplies forensic, radio communication, search and other electronic equipment to law enforcement structures.

South Africa – Risk Diversion Digital

At Risk Diversion Digital we are all about Digital Forensics, this includes Computer Forensics, Cell phone and Mobile Device Forensics, Solid State Forensic and Network Forensic Investigations.  Our investigative services assist forensic investigations in criminal, civil as well as internal disciplinary cases. By delivering consistently high-quality cyber forensic services, products, and computer forensic training to our clients throughout Southern Africa; Risk Diversion Digital is truly “your trusted forensic partner”.

South-Korea-iconSouth Korea – REDEYE FORENSICS Co., Ltd.

REDEYE is the leading digital investigation company on the South Korean market. They are offering digital forensic investigation, e-discovery, and data analytics related products and services. They also offer professional technical support and training to support customers. Their focus industries are governments, law enforcement organizations, law firms, and large corporations.

Taiwan – iForensics DigitalTaiwan-icon

iForensics Digital Inc. is a Taiwan based company which provides digital forensic solutions to law enforcement customers and private groups. They hold periodical forensics training courses at Taipei City and have a commercial Forensic Lab to provide the Forensics Service.

Thailand-iconThailand – Cyber Forensics & Investigations Co.

Cyber Forensic and Investigation Co., Ltd. is Thailand’s leader in cyber forensics and digital investigations. With headquarters in Bangkok, as well as a network of distributors across the country; they provide professional forensics and training services.

Turkey-iconTurkey – EMT Electronics Ltd.

EMT Electronics Ltd. provides state-of-the-art data/audio/video forensic products and solutions to public enterprises and private companies. The company is ISO 9001 certified and has a technical service certified by the Turkish Standard Institute. EMT Electronics is authorized distributor and reseller of many market leader vendors in Turkey.


Ukraine – EPOS Ltd

EPOS Ltd – is the leading information security provider in Ukraine. The company specializes in the area of computer forensics, data recovery, IT-security, and IT-service. EPOS is the leading computer and mobile forensics provider in Ukraine. The company provides digital forensic solutions to customers from law-enforcement agencies and to private groups. The company has the biggest in Ukraine data recovery center and computer forensics lab.


Ukraine – SoftiCo

SoftiCo – is one of the main software distributors on the Ukraine market. The company was founded in 2013 by a team of highly skilled IT-professionals with long branch experience. SoftiCo offers products of more than 250 software vendors to the big range of customers from law enforcement and other governmental agencies in Ukraine.