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13Jun, 2016

XRY v7.0.1 & XAMN Spotlight v1.1 beta

XRY v7.0.1

XRY v7.0.1 is the first of our new micro releases, to help you get improved mobile device support faster than ever. In a rapidly changing world, speed of support is essential.


23May, 2016

Introducing Online Training Portal and Software Updates

Training Portal

MSAB has just launched an online training portal for customers. Complementing existing classroom training, users can now go online and access on-demand tutorials, recordings of webinars and details of live online training in the future. (more…)

26Apr, 2016

Launch of new MSAB Ecosystem Products

The first set of new MSAB Ecosystem products is being launched today.

The MSAB Ecosystem is about evolution, rather than revolution; changing the current product range to adapt to the latest developments in mobile forensic technology. (more…)

18Mar, 2016

XRY Passes Court of Appeal Challenge

The Irish Court of Appeal: A teenager jailed for life 2 years ago had his appeal against conviction dismissed. The defence argued that the trial judge erred in law by holding that XRY telephone analysis tendered by the prosecution was admissible.


24Feb, 2016

Launching the MSAB Ecosystem

We’ve just updated our website to reflect the coming evolution of MSAB products, platforms and services. Over the next few months we will be launching an exciting new range of MSAB solutions to meet the future needs of mobile digital forensics.


24Feb, 2016

Join our Workshop in Florida, April 14!

MSAB would like to invite you to attend our event in Largo to demonstrate our commitment to supporting your organizations and helping you to improve your mobile forensic knowledge.


21Jan, 2016

XRY Demo at UK Cybercrime Pilot

If you’ve got access to a sim card, you’ve got access to the whole of a person’s life. Mobile phones, mobile data, online banking give the criminals new opportunities to attack us in more places than before. (more…)


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