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18Jan, 2017

MSAB Kiosk v7.2 just got quicker

This improved true 64-bit version in Kiosk v7.2 gives you the capability to examine more mobile devices with leveled-up speed and allows for greater stability in handling larger extractions, while maintaining Read more »

6Sep, 2016

XRY v7.1 Released Today

XRY Just Got Better! MSAB prides itself on focusing on supporting devices regularly encountered by Law Enforcement, Military, and Government customers. You can be sure we offer the fastest phone extraction and report Read more »

16Aug, 2016

Your Phone Remembers Everything

In criminal cases, the first thing lawyers do, is say ‘Let’s go to the electronics and see what’s there?’ Unlike in earlier eras when communications vanished, a fundamental aspect of the digital-media age was that Read more »

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