MediaTek Chipsets Guide: How to Use XRY to Extract Data from MTK-Based Devices 

In a time when digital evidence is absolutely critical to solving crime, extracting digital evidence quickly and correctly is of paramount importance to the law enforcement community. XRY, the flagship MSAB product, allows you to extract more data in less time and with full integrity.  

At the same time, XRY makes extracting data from MediaTek-based Android devices incredibly easy. With a simple plug-and-play process, even those with limited experience can successfully complete extractions. 

In this guide, we will take a closer look at how XRY deals with devices containing the MediaTek chipset. We will also take a closer look at the step-by-step process for extracting and decoding using XRY from devices featuring the MTK chipset.



mtk devices

What Is MediaTek?

In recent years, MediaTek (MTK) has emerged as a leading provider of System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions for Android devices. This has led to a significant demand from digital forensic practitioners for the ability to extract and analyze Android devices that utilize the MTK chipset.


How Do MSAB Products Support MediaTek Chipsets?

At MSAB, we have always provided strong support for MTK devices. With the release of XRY 10.4, we have significantly improved our support for MTK devices, making it even better than before.  

We are proud to announce full extraction and decryption support for an additional 10 new MTK chipsets, potentially covering hundreds of different devices that contain these chipsets. 

The MediaTek chipsets list supported by XRY has been expanded to include:  

MT6739, MT6761, MT6763, MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6785, MT6833, MT6853 and MT6893.  

These chipsets are widely used in a growing market of Android devices from various manufacturers worldwide. We have added support for different Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) used by vendors to handle encryption, which means we can now decrypt many of the available TEEs on the market. We offer support for both File-Based Encryption (FBE) and Full-Disk Encryption (FDE) devices from vendors such as Alcatel, Nokia, Oppo, Xiaomi, ZTE, and many more.


How to Extract and Decode Data from MediaTek Devices Using XRY?

When you want to extract and decode data from a locked Android device, use the following steps:

1. In XRY select the Android MediaTek Generic profile or one of the many verified devices that contain the MediaTek chipset:

mediatek chipsets

2.  Choose Physical, press Next, then once you have filled in the relevant case details, press Next then OK.

mtk chipsets

3.  To enter Boot ROM mode, follow these steps: 

    1. Connect your device to your computer via USB cable. 
    2. Simultaneously press and hold the volume up and/or down button(s) on your device. 
    3. Release the button(s) once the extraction process begins.

mtk chipsets extraction

4.  Once the extraction is complete, XRY will automatically initiate the decoding process. If the device has any PINs or passwords, you will be prompted to enter them or choose a brute force method to bypass them.

mediatek android phones

5.  With the device pin/password found, XRY will decode most of the major apps along with decoding any data that is located from unallocated space. 


We’re always here to support you and make your mobile forensics as efficient as possible. Our goal is to make XRY the #1 forensics tool for MediaTek devices and you can help us. 

If you experience an MTK-based device that you cannot decode/decrypt, please contact support via, and we’ll do all we can to assist. 


Recover Evidence from MTK Chipsets Faster than Ever with XRY

At MSAB, we know how important obtaining an extraction is. Getting the data is key for successful investigations. It is our mission to always provide you with the tools that help you work smarter and more efficiently.  

If you’re already a seasoned user of XRY, make sure you make the most of it by remaining up to date with the latest developments and features that we continually add to our products. Our XRY training courses will help you and your team build and maintain the skillset to remain relevant in this ever-changing industry of mobile forensics. 

If you haven’t used XRY yet to get more data with faster extractions and decoding, but you are interested in trying first-hand this powerful, intuitive, and efficient tool, you can sign up for a free trial today. 


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