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Speed up operations, easily process warrant returns and discover more data with greater functionality and control

The new versions of XRY, XAMN and XEC give improved capabilities to extractanalyze and manage mobile evidence faster and easier with enhanced visibility and control. 

Highlights of the newest releases are summarized below, and as always, we highly recommend that all users download the Release Notes from the Customer Portal for a complete description of all updated product capabilities and supported devices and apps. 

Download new releases & read full release notes

Release highlights:

XRY 9.2

Introducing Capture screenshot for Android devices: This brand new feature enables users to quickly capture specific information as it is displayed on the screen from Android devices.  

Summary Display: The new interface will be displayed by default after every extraction, allowing users to see useful information such as artifact statistics, device information and much more in one page. 

Dynamic guidance with step-by-step extraction process: The XRY step by step extraction process now offers dynamic displays where users can see all the relevant steps for each action. 

Support for the official iOS 14 release: XRY 9.2 now offers full support for data acquisition from the official iOS 14 release and provides improved decoding support for Apple family relations, Maps and Apple Translate.

Checkm8 Improvements: To provide even more relevant data for examiners, the XRY integrated jailbreak tool now decodes the KnowledgeC.db database. 

XRY 9.2 also includes: 

  • XRY Photon can now handle dual instances of the same app on the same device. 
  • Added support for WhatsApp on KaiOS devices. 
  • Added support for detailed warrant return. 
  • And much more. 

XEC Director 6.1 

Advanced user profiling: Supervisors managing teams with XEC Director can now set minimum qualification criteria to automatically ensure users meet minimum ISO standards.  

Multiple Optimization workflow: XEC 6.1 now enables supervisors to distribute multiple workflows and watchlists and assign them to different user groups to match their needs and skills. 

Microsoft MECM rollout support: You can now configure the initial installation of XRY, XAMN and XEC via Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) to make life easier for the IT Department. 

XAMN 5.2 

XAMN Horizon now automatically parses content from Instagram and Facebook warrant returns and includes that data in your case as an .xry file. 

We also have updated the ‘Known data library’ to improve filtering out standard device data and speed up your investigations when using XAMN.  

MSAB Kiosk/Tablet & XRY Express 

New Entry level workflow: A new entry level workflow is now integrated in default Kiosks and XRY Express versions with a new and improved user interface and much more. 

SFR Integration: We have improved data exporting from an extraction to a Streamlined Forensic Report. More recorded data and information about the device can now be captured.  

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