Now available for demonstration and pre-release orders

With faster extraction speeds, a sleek new design, and many enhanced capabilities.

MSAB is excited to announce the introduction of the new MSAB Kiosk Mk III, the latest version of our market-leading frontline mobile forensic tool. The Kiosk has been instrumental in enabling many organizations to decentralize their mobile forensic operations for increased efficiency and improved performance. The Kiosk allows organizations to scale their extraction power, by enabling users with minimal training to process many devices, and free up the forensic lab experts to focus on the most challenging devices and cases.

With the launch of the Kiosk Mk III, you now have a new tool to help you unlock and distribute the full power of mobile forensics for frontline users and further improve your organization’s efficiency.

What’s new?

The MSAB Kiosk Mk III builds on everything that has made customers appreciate the former model, like the robust design, large touch screen and ease of use. But it has been re-engineered from the ground up to improve performance, add new capabilities and to support future product development.

The Kiosk Mk III is the fastest Kiosk ever, with extraction and decoding speeds up to 40% faster thanks to major upgrades in the digital design.

The Kiosk Mk III features a sleek new design, a larger 21,5” Full HD IPS touch screen, bigger disk, faster processor, more RAM and new USB 3 ports. It also includes a new front-loading, slot-in Blu-Ray writer for improved durability.

There is a new horizontal LED strip with 32 individually programmable LED lights which communicate progress or status such as “busy”, “ready” or “action needed”.

An integrated accessories drawer is now built in to store and organize cables and other items to maintain a clutter-free workspace.

Demonstrations and orders

The MSAB Kiosk Mk III is now available for demonstrations and pre-release orders.

Contact to learn more, order or to request a demonstration.

Shipping of the Kiosk Mk III is expected to begin in early Q1 2020.

About the MSAB Kiosk

The MSAB Kiosk offers the full power of XRY with a simplified touchscreen turnkey interface that guides users through extractions step by step according to a predefined workflow, which can be customized to your organization’s unique needs and requirements.

It is designed for field-based investigators and other frontline users where mobile data recovery is just one part of their responsibilities, enabling them to quickly perform mobile device extractions and analyses successfully and consistently with minimal training.

The software used on the Kiosk for extraction and analysis is constantly upgraded to help your organization recover data from more mobile devices and more apps, and to let you work better, faster and smarter at scale.

The customizable workflow on the MSAB Kiosk enables your organization to tailor individual user sequences for different types of users and skill levels. A sequence can work like a software “wizard” which enables a wide range of users in your organization to perform mobile device extractions with confidence.

Sequences can be configured to align with your organization’s needs, practices and regulations. They can instruct and even lock user groups to specific instructions and actions – ensuring that every user follows approved, consistent processes – in turn ensuring evidence integrity and compliance with your organization’s policies and processes.

By managing MSAB Kiosks with XEC Director, leaders and administrators can communicate with remote users, monitor and report on operations and instantly update the software – all from a single location. All Kiosk user activities can be logged, viewed and exported and management information reports can be generated to show your return on investment.

All our tools, including the Kiosk, can be networked to enable centralized storage and seamless transfer of data between users and sites – a huge time and cost saver. Our tools also enable customizable, automated exporting and analysis – features useful for example when screening large volumes of data for threats or known information.

Through its locked-down configuration and automatic audit logging, the MSAB Kiosk helps your organization comply with standards like ISO 17025. The capability for digital documentation capture in the workflow allows for automatically generated standard reports to further help make users more efficient and save time at the terminal.

MSAB Kiosk training

Minimal training is required to perform extraction and analysis with the MSAB Kiosk. To help your organization save money and improve performance, we offer both classroom training options and interactive on-demand, online training options to certify users.