Safeguard your digital evidence and prevent remote wiping or modification of data.

When law enforcement officials acquire a mobile device, preserving the digital evidence is paramount. If a device is not protected, data can be  altered and/or deleted remotely by the device owner or someone else or by an automated service.

The most effective way to protect mobile devices and the integrity of the data is to place them in a Faraday bag.

You can now order high-quality Faraday bags directly from MSAB on our Customer Portal web shop. Designed and handcrafted in Britain by Disklabs, an IS09001-approved manufacturer, the bags are equipped with double-layered, military grade shielding mesh and a see-through window.  Two sizes are offered.

They  shield devices from Wi-Fi, mobile (3G/4G), Bluetooth, GPS and active RFID signals.

Buy directly online on the MSAB Customer Portal here or contact