It’s all about the support: Staff saves time with XRY’s “plug and play” capability, empowered by a responsive Support Team

Key achievement

The Icelandic Police Department found an effective mobile forensic solution without technical shortcomings, and improved their capability to extract data from mobile phones. Using XRY, they were able to extract more information from mobile phones than with the other forensic tools they had been utilizing.

The problem/challenge

The Digital Forensics Unit of the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police had used other forensic software tools for the recovery of information from mobile phones and had struggled with mobile data recovery – it was a challenge to get the data out successfully.

Prior to using XRY, the Icelandic Police had acquired mobile forensic tools which claimed to provide support for mobile phone extraction. However, the reality was that they were not properly supported and the investigators frequently encountered technical difficulties.

Staff members had to spend time calling companies to beg and borrow cables, and to get technical information on how to best utilize the tools.

The Icelandic Police needed a system that gave them full support for mobile forensics – one that supplied them with all the necessary hardware and cables for forensics analysis, and also provided technical support for the different issues they encountered with each individual device examined.

Steinarr Omarsson, Chief of the Icelandic Computer Forensics Unit, explains: “Before XRY, we had a full-time member of staff who spent most of his day just trying to resolve problems on mobiles.”

“XRY gets back a lot more information from mobile phones than the other forensic tools we have access to. It is in the Premier League compared to other products. Whilst it costs us money; it has saved us much more at the same time and the support is great. We are very happy with this product.”


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