Training Portal

MSAB has just launched an online training portal for customers. Complementing existing classroom training, users can now go online and access on-demand tutorials, recordings of webinars and details of live online training in the future. The first set of courses offer a free introduction to XRY v7 and XAMN Spotlight to all existing customers. Users can access the training portal at with the same login details as for the MSAB Customer Portal.

MSAB Online Training Portal

XAMN Horizon v1.0

The existing product XAMN v6.16 has been renamed to bring it into alignment with the new Ecosystem of Mobile Forensics from MSAB. Retaining the same dynamic visualization features, XAMN Horizon v1.0 is fully compatible with v7 XRY files and has also been updated to a 64Bit version for enhanced performance to process up to 100 XRY files for List, Connection, Timeline, Geographic and Conversation Views.

MSAB Kiosk & Tablet v7.0

The latest versions of our Kiosk and Tablet platforms have just been released with support for 18,625 device and app profiles. A new feature in v7 when the extraction wizard is running is a software-based write protection of all connected USB drives. We have also updated and improved Admin functionality in v7 Kiosk, when importing and exporting settings to units. The Kiosk now has full logical and physical extraction capabilities matching our MSAB Office and Field platforms.