Mobile Devices now account for more than 10% of all web browsing

For the first time browsing on mobile devices has exceeded 10% of all browsing.

We’re not quite in the “post-PC world” yet, but new data from NetMarketShare says that we’re getting there.

According to their latest tracking numbers, smartphones and tablets accounted for 10.3% of all web browsing in October 2012, the first time mobile browsing has ever crossed the 10% threshold in the firm’s measurements.

What makes this particularly interesting is that mobile browsing accounted for as little as 7.2% of all browsing as recently as this past March, meaning that mobile browsing growth seems to have accelerated somewhat over the past few months.

iOS-based smartphones and tablets accounted for nearly 60% of all mobile browsing in October 2012, while Android-based devices accounted for just over 27% of all mobile browsing.

This actually underestimates the total amount of browsing share on mobile devices, since the sample does not contain data on apps, like maps.

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