New solution with new version of XRY

XRY PinPoint is a new solution for non-standard mobile device support

XRY PinPoint is not just another Chinese Chipset solution. It is an advanced solution comprised of compact hardware and powerful software. Fully integrated with XRY, it uses the familiar and easy to use interface of the application. It is the latest addition to Micro Systemation’s suite of forensic tools and is released in conjunction with version 6.9 of XRY.

XRY version 6.9 includes improved SQLite decoding as well as a bypassing the iTunes backup encryption. The support for smartphone apps is also increased with 15 new apps and updates for 40 already supported apps. 

For more information please visit XRY PinPoint or XRY Current version. You can find the complete Release notes for XRY 6.9 here.

Kiosk version 6.8 is released

Increased usability with version 6.8

To further increase the usability of the Kiosk, the Device Manual is installed for all supported languages in version 6.8. The device manual language dynamically switches according to the language chosen in the Kiosk by the System Administrator.

Extraction of unknown Android devices has been further simplified in Kiosk version 6.8. Now there is one Android generic profile to handle all unknown Android devices. Previously the user had to choose between two different profiles. The user simply selects the Android Generic profile and runs auto detection.

Version 6.8 of the Kiosk offers Logical support for 4500+ device profiles. It also enables extraction of the unlock code for approximately 800 devices.

Other features in Kiosk version 6.8:

• Graphical rendering of the Android pattern lock
• Security code unlock on iPhone 4 running iOS 7
• IMEI verification
• Support for 148 Apps

XAMN 6.8 is released today

The latest version of XAMN improves the Offline Map user experience

XAMN version 6.8 includes a new Geographic view available to Offline Map users. It offers faster rendering of the maps and more details in each map. The number of available languages in the Translation tool has increased to twelve. Added languages are French, Hebrew, Persian (Farsi) and Urdu.

For more details please see XAMN Current Version or read the release notes.

Happy Holidays

Season's Greetings from Micro Systemation

We would like to say thank you and wish you the very best for 2014. This year we have chosen to give a donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres on behalf of our customers. 

Medecins Sans Frontieres is a medical humanitarian organisation that saves lives and relieves suffering where we are needed most. We assist people affected by crises, war and natural disasters, regardless of political affiliation, religion or ethnicity. Every year, around 2500 international field workers deploy on missions to about 60 countries and work side by side with over 25 000 local employees to implement MSF’s work. In 1999 MSF received the Nobel Peace Prize.

XRY 6.8 is released

XRY 6.8 pushes the boundaries for Samsung Galaxy and Android support

This latest version of XRY decrypts an encrypted user data partition of Samsung Galaxy devices. XRY version also includes a new and improved Android Generic profile, which replaces the Android Generic 1 and 2 profiles. Other features in XRY 6.8 include an Installed Apps View presenting more information than before, the Android pattern lock is displayed with a graphical rendering and the opportunity to Re-decode as another model. XRY 6.8 offers support for 10.559 device profiles.

Log into the MSAB customer portal now to download XAMN version 6.8.

For more details please see XRY Current Version or read the release notes.

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