No ordinary CSI: mobile phone forensics

Why should anyone care about mobile phone forensics if they have no skeletons in the closet?

"Mobile phones have become so embedded into our daily use that little thought is given to the type and amount of information we store on them," said Adam Stafford, a mobile phone forensics expert with accounting firm BDO in Western Australia.

Stafford, a former officer with the Police Computer Crime Squad in Western Australia, fondly recalled how some criminals had the odd habit of taking photographs of their prized assets.

For example, criminals nabbed for possessing weapons were found to have photographs posing with their marijuana plants on their smartphones.

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Technology means more work for police

It could take thousands of dollars and overtime hours to keep up.

US News:

As “cybercrime” becomes more and more prevalent, police will tell you it’s crucial that they don’t fall behind.

“When you talk about cybercrime, that’s pretty much anything that can be transmitted over a computer or telephone or anything else — whether it’s transferring pictures or whether it’s running a scam or maintaining evidence of a crime in a computer or cell phone,”

said Canyon County Criminal Investigations Section Lt. Marv Dashiell.

Technology is always changing, and for police, it could take thousands of dollars and overtime hours to keep up.

Drug dealers, child enticers and scammers are finding new ways to use technology to their advantage. This presents pros and cons for police.

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XRY Product Recommendations

Don't take our word for it, listen to our customers

Sometimes in the overwhelm of marketing messages it becomes hard to make sense of what products will best suit your needs.

We understand the problem and we know that when you are looking to choose a mobile forensics solution, good independent advice is always valued.

That's why we would like to bring your attention to our: 
LinkedIn pages for Micro Systemation >

At the time of writing this blog entry we just spotted that over 20 professionals in the digital forensics industry have very kindly volunteered to recommend XRY.

If you want independent input from colleagues in the same industry, then this is a great starting point when considering if XRY is suitable for your needs.

I would like to stress that these recommendations are entirely voluntary and nobody has been offered or received any inducement from MSAB to provide them. In fact the individual's professional reputations on LinkedIn are there for all to see if you want to discover more about them.

I should also point out that none of them are resellers or trainers connected to Micro Systemation; all of them are genuine paying customers who liked our product so much that they left us a recommendation. 

If you are doing a comparison with others in the industry ask yourself how many people on their recommendation lists are actually independent of the manufacturer?

MSAB XRY Product Recommendations >>


v6.2 XRY Release Coming Soon

The latest release from MSAB is due for release in the coming month

Micro Systemation has just announced that v6.2 of the XRY Forensics Pack will be due for release in the near future.

The company is now in the final testing stages before the release, which can be expected within the next 30 days at the latest.

v6.2 XRY promises to be a significant upgrade for all current users with major improvements in "Physical" extraction capabilities and a significant number of new devices supported.

If you want to be put on the mailing list for future announcements about releases, please use the Contact Me page to send us your details.


Professionals recommend XRY for forensics

Why do 98% of our customers rate XRY’s forensic capabilities as either ”Good” or ”Excellent”.

MSAB recently undertook a customer satisfaction survey and were delighted to discover what our customers thought of us and XRY. So we thought we would undertake some more research.

Micro Systemation understands that recommendations from other forensic practitioners have considerably more credibility than listening to the words of the marketing departments of the manufacturer.

So we thought we would take things one step further and seek the views of professionals to recommend XRY to others. Using the independent platform of LinkedIn to gather the results; we were delighted to discover that over ten different professionals who use XRY on a regular basis have all recommended it.

We truly believe you too can benefit from having a professional mobile forensic tool that focuses on:

  • Ease of Use
  • Analysis of Data
  • Top Level Technical Support

Take a look at the recommendations posted on

LinkedIn here for more details >>

We would be absolutely delighted if you felt compelled to write your own recommendation as well.



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