XAMN 6.7 is released

The latest version of XAMN is now released

Highlights in version 6.7 of XAMN:

• Analyze up to 50 files
• New reporting functionality
• Import of Call Data Records
• Import of Offline Maps
• Increased support for normalized time stamps
• Browse and edit User Added Data

Log into the MSAB customer portal now to download XAMN v6.7

For more details please see XAMN Current Version or read the release notes.

The end of support for Windows XP and Windows Vista

XRY 6.8 is the last version of XRY supporting Windows XP and Windows Vista

Micro Systemation will therefore cease all technical support for XRY on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems by the end of 2013. XRY 6.8 is the last version of XRY that will offer support for the two operating systems. Please click here for Windows lifecycle facts.  

XRY offers support for Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Earlier this year Micro Systemation introduced Beta support for Windows 8.

Support for iOS 7

XRY 6.7 offers logical and physical support for iOS 7

Apple recently released iOS 7 for its devices iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. XRY 6.7 offers support for logical extraction from these devices. This latest version of XRY also supports physical extraction of iPhone 4 – GSM and CDMA – with its RAM disk support. For details on the physical extraction please read the release notes.

In the latest version of XRY support has also been added for Apple iPhone 4 GSM Rev. A devices. An update has also been made of the RAM disk support for iPhone 4 CDMA devices.

Enhanced dumping and decoding of Samsung Galaxy S III and S IV

Added support for Samsung Galaxy

XRY 6.7 includes dumping and decoding of the latest smartphone models – Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy S IV. The dumping procedure bypasses pattern, PIN and password lock, and does not require USB debugging to be enabled.

Version 6.7 also offers five to six times faster dumping of Samsung Galaxy devices. Dumping of a Samsung Galaxy device with a 16 GB memory only takes 40 minutes. The same speed applies to devices with larger memories, 32 GB in around 80 minutes.

The decoding support for the Samsung Galaxy devices is on par with other Android devices supported by XRY version 6.7.

XRY 6.7 is released

Version 6.7 of XRY includes support for iOS 7 and added support for Samsung Galaxy

With version 6.7 of XRY the supports for device profiles has increased to 10 036. 

The support for Samsung Galaxy devices been enhanced. XRY 6.7 includes the dumping and decoding of the latest smartphone models – Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy S IV (Qualcomm based versions).The dumping procedure bypasses pattern, PIN and password lock, and does not require USB debugging to be enabled. 

With version 6.7 of XRY it is now possible to extract the data in cookies and web cache from most apps on Android and iOS, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Dolphin. More than 40 different types of cookies are analyzed for data, such as login details, user ids, web searches, geo locations, e-mail addresses, IP addresses and visited web sites.

In addition to this the release of XRY 6.7 inlcludes:

  • More than 2,000 models revisited and updated for time sorting support
  • New touch friendly user interface for SIM id-Cloner
  • Added support for dumping and decoding for more than 80 MTK devices as well as improved decoding of additional MTK devices
  • Improved malware and spyware identification

For more information please visit XRY Current Version or read the Release notes.

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