New view displaying conversations in XAMN 6.9

XAMN version 6.9 is released

A user can now follow a conversation between two identities. The conversation view allows you to organize and follow MMS, SMS, chat, email and calls exchanged between the two identities. Information is displayed in a chronological order. Which is kept even if the two identities switch between MMS, SMS, chat, email or calls in the middle of a conversation.

An option to limit the Geographic view to the area of investigation has been added to the Geographic view in XAMN. When adding the longitude and latitude of a certain place of interest for the investigation, as well as a radius in distance, a filter is created. The filter excludes all geodata outside of the selected radius.

To learn more about XAMN 6.9 please download the complete release notes or visit XAMN Current version.

XRY KIOSK 6.9 is released

The forensic tool designed for first responders

Version 6.9 of XRY Kiosk is available for download on the Customer portal

Come meet us at ISNR Abu Dhabi

A opportunity to see XRY PinPoint our latest addition to the family

Micro Systemation will be participating at the International Exhibition for Security and National Resilience in Abu Dhabi. You can find us in the Homeland Security and National Resilience section in booth nr. 4415. The exhibition is held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), April 1-3. At the show we will display our products XRY, XAMN and XRY Kiosk. We will also demonstrate are latest addition to our product portfolio – XRY PinPoint – solution for non-standard mobile device support.

Students use XRY

XRY used in Academic Training

New Program for Cyber Security at Manchester Community College uses XRY to teach students how to extract data from mobile devices.

Read more.

New solution with new version of XRY

XRY PinPoint is a new solution for non-standard mobile device support

XRY PinPoint is not just another Chinese Chipset solution. It is an advanced solution comprised of compact hardware and powerful software. Fully integrated with XRY, it uses the familiar and easy to use interface of the application. It is the latest addition to Micro Systemation’s suite of forensic tools and is released in conjunction with version 6.9 of XRY.

XRY version 6.9 includes improved SQLite decoding as well as a bypassing the iTunes backup encryption. The support for smartphone apps is also increased with 15 new apps and updates for 40 already supported apps. 

For more information please visit XRY PinPoint or XRY Current version. You can find the complete Release notes for XRY 6.9 here.

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